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Why startups need a Virtual Assistant

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Running a startup is a big responsibility, leaving you with a myriad of things to do- sales & marketing, finance, general administration, and logistics to name a few. In the crucial early days, startups are faced with a large number of problems to overcome- heavy competition for consumer market, funding your startup, getting your first customers, the list goes on. Getting a virtual assistant can help manage your startup woes with great ease and efficiency. Here are 8 reasons how startups can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant:

  • Get more done for less

A virtual assistant is a pocket friendly alternative to hiring in-house talent. When hiring a virtual assistant, you don't have to worry about employee benefits, holidays, or any other legal entitlements. You also don't have to pay for a full time employee, you can hire a remote executive assistant only for the hours your business requires. Also, while hiring a virtual assistant, you have the option to hire professionals who are already experts in the field you are looking for help with. Time and money do not have to be wasted training your PA, and your PA can get started right away!

  • Skilled, multi-tasking experts

Most virtual assistants are trained to carry out a wide variety of tasks and can support you in all aspects of your business. With tasks ranging from data entry to creating complex financial reports, virtual assistants possess many skills that make them a valuable asset to your startup. You can count on your VA to multi-task, juggle priorities and ensure your business is running smoothly. All you need to do is give your VA a list of tasks you have to get done, along with clear instructions for each and your VA can take care of the rest!

  • No need for office space

Don't worry about getting an office space for your VA, as all VAs already have a home office that they can work out of, saving you and your startup money from having to pay for a desk space as well as any additional equipment. All you got to do is delegate the tasks online and collaborate and communicate with your VA through task management tools like Trello, slack etc

  • Extremely tech savvy assistants

Virtual assistants are tech savvy experts who always stay updated with the latest technologies and trends. Since they manage many businesses at once, they always seem to have business hacks that will help you save time and money. Be it anything from the latest internet marketing strategies to providing online support, you can count on your VA to provide the best service effectively and efficiently.

  • Delegate boring, mundane tasks to your VA, and spend your precious time on what's important

Hiring a virtual assistants can help you to create a strategic partnership your VA, and they collaborate with you to take your business to the next level! You don't have to spend hours on those mundane tasks that are totally unproductive, your PA can carry out the recurrent tasks or even complete the small initial steps of a bigger task, enabling you to streamline your business activity and focus on the big picture, and ensuring that nothing is overlooked, leading to increased productivity.

  • No long term commitment

A virtual assistant may be the next best thing for your business as you don't have to invest so much time and money on a human resource. The entire process of hiring and cancelling your subscription with a virtual assistant is easy and pocket friendly. You don't have to worry about long fixed contracts, vacation or sick days or employee benefits, all you got to do is sign up, meet your VA, and start working together. If you don't like the service that your VA provides, nothing is holding you back, you can cancel at any time!

  • Avoid burnout

With the endless list of things to do, startup founders often find themselves feeling burnt out or unproductive as they spend so much time working. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can get double the work done in the same number of hours you work. Do you need to design that new presentation for your client? Get a VA to do it for you, while you catch up on other important tasks or free up some time to spend with your friends and family!

  • Improve your online presence

An active presence of social media requires a lot of time and persistence. Get yourself a social media marketing specific VA to create and post engaging content for your brand and also to engage with your customers and potential customers. They can help to strengthen the identity of your budding business and grow your business!

Don't you wish you had a helper to sort out the nitty gritty while you focus on the important, revenue generating aspects of your business? Book a free 20 minute consultation with us to discuss your needs and requirements, address any questions you have about our services and see how we could support your needs.

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