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Virtual Assistance for Successful Landlords

Are you a Landlord? Dreaming to be more successful in your business with a good work life balance?

If yes, then you have to be quite effective and time efficient as a real estate business owner. But, as we all agree, it’s challenging to be a landlord as they have too many tasks to take care of. The time that is needed to focus on the clients and projects is spent on small tasks which hamper the growth of the business.

We, at COGO Assist, are here to help you with most of your routine tasks which you can outsource to our experienced virtual assistants. We make your life much easier and your valuable time can be used to leverage the business. Some of the tasks which can be outsourced are:

Marketing tasks

We provide assistance in social media tasks like blogging, creating videos, and updating social media to promote the properties to the right target audience.

Administrative tasks

These are daily tasks that include managing mails and tracking important appointments which are time consuming and do not generate revenue. They are important, but take away most of your valuable time. Tasks like bookkeeping, documentation, MIS management, managing mails can be delegated to a VA.

Prospecting sales

Our VA’s are trained to nurture leads and help in lead conversion by setting appointments with the clients. Thereby helping you to achieve your sales goals.

To share few thoughts

One of our real estate clients - Cranfield Estate Limited is very happy with our virtual assistant as she helps them in completing the below mentioned tasks with ease:

  1. Estate agent interface

  2. Power team search & management

  3. Tenant eviction (Section 8, Section 21)

  4. Small claims court application

  5. Accounting & bookkeeping

  6. Bank reconciliation

  7. Income & Expense management

  8. Maintaining a portfolio tracker and financial dashboard

  9. Property search

  10. Monitoring auctions

  11. Desktop research

  12. General back office admin support

Happy to share the words from our client Cranfield Estate Limited

“COGO has enabled us to clear up head space, so that we can spend more time focusing on growing our business. We also increased profitability across our buy-to-let portfolio by reducing spend on contractors, reduced tenancy void period and improved cash flow position.”

Real estate business often requires getting assistance in administration tasks. They are very much important for a successful business. It is always better to hire an experienced virtual assistant to manage these tasks.

Consider using virtual assistants from COGO Assist. We will be happy to assist you.

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