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Tips to skyrocket your Startup Business

Being a small business owner or a Startup Entrepreneur is not an easy job. Many startup business owners agree that they need some assistance in their daily tasks.

But how many of them know what tasks they can outsource?

Where do they need the most help?

How would they most benefit from a virtual assistant?

Being an expert service provider in Remote Assistance, COGO Assist would like to share a few pointers which Startup business owners / Entrepreneurs can consider while outsourcing their tasks to a reliable Virtual Assistant.

Make a list

Start writing a list with every task that is currently a part of yours. It can include simple tasks that you do every day, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc. It's not only about the current tasks, the list can be further expanded to future projects as well.

Also ensure to separate the list of the tasks which only you could do as an entrepreneur and innovator of your business. Mark the tasks which can be handled by trained professionals on behalf of you. By doing this you will get an idea for what tasks you can hire a VA.

List of tasks for which you can hire a Virtual Assistant

Once you have completed the above mentioned tasks list, it is time for you to finalise which tasks can be outsourced to a VA. These tasks can be repetitive in nature and you may require them to be handled in a specific way suitable to your business.

Sometimes it is common to feel unsure about what things can be outsourced to a VA. Many Entrepreneurs may be wondering what is safe to trust a VA to take care of and what type of tasks the VA’s are experienced in?

As an expert service provider in Virtual Assistance, COGO Assist can guide you through this. Let’s look at some common tasks you can hire a VA to expertly handle your business. Some of them are:

General Admin tasks

Your VA can support you with the day-to-day administrative tasks to free up your valuable time, enabling you to focus on the cash generating aspects of your business, or even freeing you up to do more of what you enjoy.

Book Keeping & Invoicing

Out of time to maintain expenses, accounts payables, customer invoices and other financial transactions? Your dedicated VA can manage your accounts, so you can have 100% visibility to your finances, with 0% of the headache.

Project Management & Research

Be it an ongoing project or a one off project, you can count on your dedicated Assistant to stay on top of all your project management needs.

Tired of going through the extensive process of finding & compiling information? Look no further. VA is available to do all the research for you.

Content Creation & Management

Get your dedicated VA to create and publish engaging content, driving traffic towards your website & social media profiles. Off late Content Marketing has been considered as one of the most powerful tools in social media marketing.

Sales & Marketing Support

Do you need help finding & reaching out to potential clients? Or someone to manage your social media? VA can help you interact with your customers and do so much more. This will help you in gaining more customers for your business.

Time to Hire a VA

It’s time to get started. Go with your gut and get connected with a trusted virtual assistant agency. Start with the tasks which you feel most comfortable to be outsourced. Take some time from your daily schedule and experience the benefits of hiring a VA.

Hope most of the Entrepreneurs and Small business owners could get some benefit out of the above discussion. It’s always better to take some assistance from a VA to complete the routine tasks and utilise your valuable time to skyrocket your business to the highest level..

We, at COGO Assist, will help you focus on what is important to you. Our Remote executive PA support services on a subscription basis, will support you on a one to one basis.

Reach out to us at www.cogoassist.com today to experience the benefits of hiring an experienced Virtual Assistant.