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Keeping the lights on while you're away

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Are you worried about the amount of work you have to catch up on after your vacation? Worry not, our Virtual Assistants can cover for you while you are away!

It's that time of the year when everyone is going on holidays, a time to relax and forget about everyday tasks. However, we know the daunting feeling of being bombarded with work once your'e back from your holiday. Or are you worried your business can't survive if you take a 2 week hiatus? You're right, your business must go on and you certainly can't expects your customers to wait for you.

Did you know that more than half of UK's small business owners take five or less days holidays a year, with a fifth of them not taking any days off at all? And those business leaders who eventually go on a holiday, end up working while on vacation. It certainly is a challenge for all business leaders to try and dot every "i" and cross every "t" before going on holiday!

Part of having a healthy work-life balance is winding down every so often and taking your annual vacation. Recharging your batteries is good for your body and brain. What better time to consider hiring a virtual assistant than now? Did you know that a large majority of tasks in your to-do list are things that can be delegated effectively to a virtual assistant. Hire a virtual assistant to carry out specific tasks relating to your business to relieve yourself from the stress while you're on a holiday.

Here are some of the things a virtual assistant can do for you while you're away:

  1. Check and respond to your emails on your behalf or filter emails and send you only the most important emails.

  2. Create engaging content for your blog and social media while you and your permanent staff are away on vacation

  3. Keep on top of payments due and received

  4. Carry out recurring tasks for you so you don't have a lot to catch up on after your holiday

  5. Organise a staff party and book venues and events

  6. Make updates to your website

  7. General admin related work

and so much more! So if you've been working too hard and you are long overdue a vacation, book a free consultation with us today, to discuss your needs and requirements

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