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How To Increase Productivity At Work

Being productive is the key to a happy, healthy and successful life as it comes with obvious benefits such as getting more done during the workday, feeling satisfied and the ability to make best of your free time!

Irrespective of how perfect it sounds, many of us still struggle with it. If you want to take control of your schedule, optimise your environment for productivity and perform at your highest possible level, here’s the step by step process for increasing productivity.

1. Organise your week

Without structure, your chances of enjoying a full and balanced lifestyle decrease dramatically and your motivation and mood suffer in respect. You can start your planning on Sunday evening and map out the rest of your week.

Utilise this time to prepare for the week's tasks and obligations such as organise the files on your desktop, ordering supplies, respond to emails, Networking/Meetups, plan your meals for the week and evaluate your calendar.

2. Calendar - Your ultimate productivity tool

By using your calendar, you can stay-on-top of all of your appointments and events since it assists you in planning out your days and lets you know what exactly deserves your focus.

Knowing how you spend your time can help you eliminate distractions and help you determine when you’re at peak productivity. You could use your calendar not only just to block off time for meetings and actual work but towards your personal development as well such as scheduling dinners, workouts and family outings.

3. Eliminating Distractions

There’s no shortage of distractions especially when you are working from home, and some days those distractions definitely seem to get the best of us. With millions of workers working remotely for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic, many are struggling to manage a workday that now includes distractions like child care, household chores and in-home entertainment options such as TV and radio.

You can overcome those distractions and take control of your work day by following a few simple tips.

Stick to your regular work schedule, Put yourself in do not disturb mode, Plan and prepare your meals ahead of time, Turn off your phone notifications, Avoid TV and household chores during the work day.

4. Break up your work

Did you know even a 30 second micro-break can increase your productivity up to 13%? Or that a 15 second break from staring at your computer screen every ten minutes can reduce your fatigue 50%?

Studies have found that the human brain’s attentional resources drop after a long period of focusing on a single task, decreasing our ability to focus and hindering performance. Getting up from your chair to walk, stretch, do yoga, or whatever activity you prefer can reduce the negative health effects from too much sitting.

Breaks increase productivity and creativity as it refreshes the mind, replenishes your mental resources, and helps you become more creative.

You’ll get a better sense of the bigger picture and restore motivation, especially for long-term goals. Breaks can prevent “decision fatigue, helps consolidate memories and improve learning.

5. Delegation

Effective management and growth as an entrepreneur or a business leader rely on the ability to delegate and do so effectively. When delegated successfully the results are increased productivity, enhanced quality, and improved focus.

When you aren’t constantly bogged down by minor details and mundane jobs, you’ll be free to accomplish more of the tasks that really matter like business development, strategy sessions, and project management. However, it's crucial to delegate the right way by considering few points.

Match delegation-worthy assignments with qualified individuals, Clearly communicate your expectations, Empowering your team with the necessary authorisations and Implement a Follow Up Strategy.

Whatever profession you are in, use these productivity hacks and optimise your time to complete tasks in a timely fashion without compromising the quality and efficiency of your work.

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