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10 tasks we can do for you to help increase your productivity!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Ever wonder if you could do more at work, be more productive, and spend less time on the non-revenue generating aspects of your business? The key to supercharge your productivity is to know what and how you can delegate tasks, leaving you more time to focus on things that are important to your business! A Virtual Assistant can not only help you with the administration side of your business, but can do so much more! Listed below are 10 tasks that our Virtual Assistants can do for you to increase your productivity:

  • Research & Analysis

If you are tired of going through the never ending process of finding and compiling information, look no further, our executive assistants can do all the research for you. From looking up the best option for your website development to doing an in depth competitive analysis, we can help you consolidate the plethora of information that's available out there and help you make a quick decision!

  • Managing a one off or on-going project

You can count on our virtual assistant to stay on top of all your project management needs and ensure that everything is running smoothly. Our virtual assistants are super organised, making sure that things get done on time and effectively managing tasks/activities. Your PA can also forecast and track costs & budgets to avoid unforeseen expenses and ensure you get maximum value!

  • Maintain your website

If you need someone to make edits to your website and maintain your website with up-to-date content and images, our VAs are the perfect option! A well maintained website can ensure steady traffic and help your business grow and your products/services sell more! Having said that, there are some highly specialised skills we can't provide you with, we cannot create, design or develop websites from scratch, but we sure can help you find someone who can and help you manage the process!

  • Create engaging newsletters for your subscribers

Creating a high quality newsletter is an integral part of your marketing strategy, and can produce a ripple effect for your business branding and engagement. Regardless of whether you want to send out a newsletter to keep your company in the minds of your subscribers or to increase leads from your target audience, we can surely help create highly graphic and engaging newsletters that will help your audience and promote your brand! We can do all the work for you, dig through all the information that's out there and find great resources you could include in your newsletters!

  • Ghostwrite blog posts

If you are you struggling to find topics to write about in your blog, our Virtual Assistants can research on what the trending topics in your industry are and write engaging articles that you can post on your blog! Get fresh, relevant content for your blog readers, which proves to them that your indeed an expert in your field and that your blogs are current and up-to-date! You can also count on our virtual assistants to leverage your best blog articles and repurpose them into slides, ebooks or infographics!

  • Search and find someone who can take care of specific tasks

If you are someone who is so busy that you are running from one place to another and don't have time to do other stuff, we can help you find you someone who is reliable and good value for your time and money! Whether you are looking for someone to do your grocery shopping, or to clean your house, or fix a broken window or a graphic designer, we sure can help you to vet local providers and find the right person based on your requirements and preferences!

  • Video editing

Video content is so vital to a businesses online marketing strategy that almost 90% of marketers use video marketing to improve consumer engagement, click throughs and traffic! Our virtual assistants can help you edit raw footages and improve colour & quality, remove bloopers, add subtitles, sound effects, titles, banners & graphics, edit the order of the video clippings and publish videos on social media channels!

  • Book keeping, Invoicing & Expense management

Tasks like tracking expenses, processing accounts payables, customer invoices and carrying out other financial transactions, may consume large chunks of your day. To increase your productivity and help free up some of your precious time, your dedicated PA can internally manage your accounts, so you can have 100% visibility to your finances with 0% headache. Your PA can streamline all your accounting tasks, ensure your vendors get paid on time, and report financial forecast and status through custom build dashboards.

  • Engage with your customers

Our Virtual Assistants can engage with your customers through your website, social media, and other online communities. They can also help to provide your clients with information, and complete transactions on your behalf. Your PA can offer you the luxury of not having to worry about responding to the many customer queries and comments on social media. All you have to do is give your virtual assistant some examples of how you usually interact with your customers, and your PA sure can mimic your tone and style of communication!

  • Social media management

We understand it is difficult to post consistently on social media and come up with unique ideas to interact with your potential clients on social media. Our Virtual Assistants can help you create engaging & visual content for your social media and customise pictures, posters and banners with the look and feel of your brand. Your PA makes use of scheduling tools to ensure that you are regularly posting on your social media channels and also uses various analytics tools to analyse the reach of your posts!

We can help with all of the above tasks and do everything else admin related too! Are you ready to stop doing unnecessary work and focus your efforts on what matters? If yes, book a free consultation with us to further explore how we could help your specific needs and help you save hours of your precious time!

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