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How It Works

A few simple steps to enable a seamless experience for you and your business


It’s easy to get started and work collaboratively with your PA


Getting Started

Take a closer look at how you can get started with us
Book your free consultation
Choose your plan
Get matched with your PA
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Get the ball rolling by booking a free consultation with us

Start from as little as 2 hours per week and change your hours at any time

We will handpick your PA based on your needs.


Your first week

Are you ready to get growing?
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Assign workload
Set up ways of working
Meet Your dedicated PA

Assign workload, set priorities and provide context to get your PA started

Set up ways of working &  communication with your exec PA

Your PA will get to  know your business and understand your needs 


Your first month

Get real-time results and grow your business
Engage with your PA
Access to resources
Move on to bigger things
Access to resources.png
Engage with your PA.png
Move on to bigger things.png

Collaborate with your PA to acheive quality outcomes

You will have access to our support network, tools & materials!

You have more time to focus on growing your business

Communication & collaboration

Collaborate with your PA to enhance your teams productivity
Task management.png
Voice or video calls.png
Task management
Video or voice calls

Ongoing collaboration and management through Trello and Harvest

Your PA is just one message away; reach out to your PA at any time

Calls with your PA via virtual meetings or phone calls


All the tools that will enable you to work seamlessly with your PA

Our People

Our employees bring enthusiasm and commitment to your business! 

Our Selection Process

We have a very selective recruitment process to test PA's technical and communication skills. and vet the candidates thoroughly

Our Enablement Process

All our PAs undergo a 2 month of intensive training,  so that they are equipped to deliver top notch service to your business and customers

Continuous Growth

We strongly encourage a culture of continuous learning for all  our employees and invest in our PA's through regular training and coaching


Your Data & Security

GDPR & Information Security



We take utmost care when handling sensitive client data. Your data will not be shared externally


For your peace of mind, we have developed internal classification with different security and access levels to store and handle data

Complete visibility.png

Complete visibility

Monitor your PAs workload and time with our project management tools

GDPR compliant

We are committed to keep our customers data protected and safeguard their rights


Our Exec PAs are equipped with all the tools to carry out remote work efficiently. 



We do not store any sensitive or personal data; we use your information only for the purposes for which we collected it. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I don't know what to delegate?

Let’s start with anything that gives you an excuse to procrastinate. E.g. A product that you don’t care to learn, like social media or cloud-based accounting software. Let your Virtual Assistant take the pain away.

How are we different to other Virtual Assistant services?

COGO Assist offers flexible pricing, you can hire a VA for as little as 2 hours per week. We don’t push customers to purchase large bundles or fixed packages and our flexibility in the pricing model allows you to increase or decrease your hours at any time. We collaborate and partner with our customers to understand your business and help you grow your business.

How can I monitor my Assistants work?

Our assistants are equipped and fully trained to work remotely. You will have complete visibility and regular communication with your VA, who will adapt to your style of work. We use Trello for project management and you can track your virtual assistants time via harvest, a time tracking tool.

How will the Virtual Assistant add value to your business?

Ask yourself:

  • How much does lack of focus and loss of productivity cost your business?
  • What could you be doing with extra hours to your day?
  • What can you do to grow your business?

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